Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yarn wreath

I had seen these gorgeous wreaths wrapped with yarn all over the internet around the holidays last year and fell in love! Then, of course, I couldn't stop looking for more ideas and found several adorable ones for Spring (and here)... I love unique gift ideas so I knew I had to make one. There's a great tutorial here. We had some dear friends who were moving away and I decided to make one as a housewarming gift. She's a Bama fan and although I couldn't find any crimson red yarn or felt for the flowers, I did find houndstooth felt so I just went with it.

Here's how it turned out!

I bought the "G" from Hobby Lobby and just hot-glued it to the wreath.

The yo-yos are easy and super fun to make. The felt roses took some practice but I think they turned out alright. Everything just gets hot-glued to the wreath so the back isn't pretty but that's ok! I had a sheer black ribbon that I looped around the wreath for it to hang from and it was ready to go!