Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Craft Boards

Hubby helped me put together these craft boards for our extra bedroom that is becoming my craft room!

We made two craft boards so we started with 2 sheets of pegboard and four lengths of wall trim from the hardware store. I spray painted the pegboard but the trim was already a great mocha brown color.

Hubby sawed the trim to fit like a picture frame around the pegboard. Notice his fancy work bench and 45 degree angle guide? Yeah, that's our trash can and some 8x8 scrapbook paper folded in half. How resourceful! 

Couldn't forget little Hurley. He's such a good helper, picking up all of the sawdust pieces in his beard for us. 

The finished trim for one pegboard

We tried gluing the trim to the pegboard with some heavy duty stuff but it was just extremely messy and took way too long so Hubby just drilled some short screws into the back and it looks amazing!


Now, it helped me to lay out my supplies on the floor, first, to visualize how it would look on the board.

Then, voila!! Pegboard #1 was installed! I love it!!

The other board is above my sewing table and looks great, too!

I tried to get a shot with both pegboards in the viewfinder but I ran out of room at the wall... Oh well, it's close enough! And little Hurley thinks it looks pretty good, too. :)