Friday, June 24, 2011

The Perfect Recycled Mug

I love coffee. I've been on the hunt for a great recycled travel mug for a long time. Recycling is great, but I admit I just love the look - white tumbler with a rubber grip in a fun color. I have a mental list of must-haves for the perfect recycled travel mug, the top three being a flawless seal that won't leak, it must must must be made of plastic (I've seen the recycled-look in a ceramic travel mug... ceramic, seriously? I drop things. a lot.), and of course, it had to be cheap - we're talking $10 or less.

Well, I was in Nashville recently with my good friend Julia and I found IT.

Here are the top 12 (top 10 just didn't cut it) greatest things about my Copco - the greatest recycled mug on earth:

12. The seal is magical, absolutely no drips
11. The air hole in the top doesn't splash coffee in my eye when I take a drink
10. It's made of very durable plastic (and BPA-free, says the Copco website)
9. It gets me a free drink from Starbucks on Earth Day
8. The lid has a big dip in it so my nose doesn't get smushed when I take a sip of homemade caramel macchiato.
7. The rubber grip is turquoise
6. It keeps hot drinks hot for a LONG time
5. It keeps cold drinks cold for a LONG time
4. It doesn't stain or get a gross ring of dried coffee creamer on the inside when I forget it on my desk overnight
3. It was an impulse purchace. Those are the most exciting because they aren't planned. Spontaneous is best.
2. It was only $7.00
1. I found it at Jo-Ann Fabric (and we know that all good things come from craft stores)

It's perfect.

You could get one from the Copco website for a dollar more and only in brown or you could go to Jo-Ann and take me with you.

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